Knowing, Showing and Enjoying God

Knowing, Showing, & Enjoying GoD

The King’s School is a vibrant community of dedicated teachers, enthusiastic students , and committed parents. As educators, we provide quality K–12 Christian Education in Langley, BC on a beautiful 23-acre campus.


The 2019–2020 School Year


New Mission Statement

The statement is new, not the mission! Since 1982, the aim of The King’s School has echoed the wonderful Christian proclamation of the chief end of man: “To glorify God and enjoy him forever.”

In educational terms—and in everything we do at The King’s School—we desire to be Knowing, Showing, and Enjoying God.


New Administration

Our energetic and accomplished team of new administrators is ready to bring this new Mission Statement to life at The King’s School.

You can be confident placing your children into the competent hands of our entire team of teachers, led by this dynamic quartet.


New Programs

Our new timetable structure for high school students includes a 50-minute tutorial/study block four times per week. This time promotes all learning; and, significantly, it allows us to offer a new, dedicated English Language Learning block.


New Connections

There are new connections happening all around us right now.

• New roads making it faster to get to us.
• The growing community of Willoughby at our doorstep.
• A new online presence you can stay connected with.


Quotable Testimonies

“One of my favourite schools to visit is The Kings School (TKS) in Langley, BC. TKS is a private Christian school, located in a beautiful rural setting, that is respected and known for its teaching staff who are committed to the students and scholastic excellence.”

Mark Warawa, the late MP for Langley-Aldergrove