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As the Member of Parliament for Langley and West Abbotsford, my number one responsibility is to represent my local constituents as I serve in Canada’s Parliament. Representation provides the opportunity to meet with constituents in different ways. One of my favourite ways to meet with constituents is to visit local schools. Meetings with students studying the jurisdictions of government includes answering questions and encouraging them to be active in positive ways to protect and help our democratic society.

One of my favourite schools to visit is The Kings School (TKS) in Langley, BC. TKS is a private Christian school, located in a beautiful rural setting, that is respected and known for its teaching staff who are committed to the students and scholastic excellence.

Every year I visit TKS for a Remembrance Day memorial service. The staff and student body engage in a moving memorial service that includes music, art, speeches and drama. The result is gratitude for and realization of the great sacrifices made by so many to ensure our democratic freedoms. My father was a Canadian WWII veteran who loved and supported TKS. I am honoured to bring a Canadian flag and his beret to the Remembrance Day service each year.

I also visit TKS to speak to senior students. They are Canada’s future leaders. TKS teachers strive to ensure each student is equipped to be a positive, well educated person of influence in a society with evolving social values.

Parents who want to invest in a quality education for their children should consider TKS as their school of choice. My family did and I am thankful to have grand-children learning at TKS.

The Late Mark Warawa

MP for Langley-Aldergrove (2001-2019)



Our family is blessed to be part of The King’s School family since 2014.

God led us to TKS. When we first drove up TKS driveway, we felt that this ground was God’s ground. That God was protecting this little haven, bringing Peace to all who enter it. We still feel like that way today.

In the summer of 2015, our son got sick. Since then, he has special needs that everyone at TKS was happy to meet. We have peace of mind knowing that he is well cared for at school by [both] staff and students. His doctors are amazed that he still goes to school as often as he does. Nowhere else would he be able to have a normal school life, and an education like the one he receives here.

TKS is equipping him academically and spiritually. Teaching the children in the ways of the Lord is an everyday thing. It is seeing the glory and the hand of God everywhere and in everything. We know that when the children will be older, they will not depart from the strong Biblical foundation that they were taught [here].

Being a ‘small’ school has wonderful advantages:

-The small class sizes are so beneficial for our children. The teaching is personal and caring, giving each student the support or challenge (s)he needs.
- The children build beautiful and strong friendships with people they are with 5 days a week (some from kindergarten to grade 12).
- Everybody knows everyone by name. We are a family. We look after one another.
- For children with special needs, TKS is the best environment for them to feel safe, reduce anxiety, and thrive in their education.
- The passion, heart, and love of God of every person on the staff team speak of the quality of education and care our children are receiving.

Our children are taught— academically, Biblically, and by example— to give their best in everything that they do. These precepts are taught everyday, from the first day of Kindergarten, all the way to the Grade 12 graduation ceremony.

Natacha and Patrick

Current King’s School Parents



There are three specific aspects that come to mind regarding how The King’s School prepared me for a demanding career in engineering and construction. 

Firstly, the core approach of applying the gospel to all aspects of school applies directly to a gospel-centered approach to post-secondary education, and ultimately, a vocation.
A second key fundamental that has gone with me into the work force is the importance of community and relying on the broader body of Christ, and not trying to go at life alone.
Finally, I distinctly remember the school encouraging and supporting kids and teenagers alike to have a desire for excellence in all their endeavours. 

Today, I work for a corporation whose 4 core values are People, Integrity, Excellence and Stewardship; looking back, I really believe that my time at King’s has helped me exemplify these values with a gospel approach in a secular work environment.

Graduate of 2004




We have a wonderful landscape in our school: you can see students playing outside, there’s a rabbit, and we also have a garden too. But, what I want to tell you about is not just the outward appearance of our school. I will tell you about the beauty inside of our school.

At The King’s School, you can learn about the Bible, and who God is through every class, like I do, from Socials, English, Bible, Science, and any other class that you take and it keeps reminding us about God, and as a result, we become individual Christian leaders. We pray and learn about God in our school. We share and listen to the others’ testimonies in the classes, and every Monday, we have a lovely assembly!

Even though our school isn’t big enough to have fifty clubs, we can easily be a friend, and teachers know and care about everyone. Because we have a small school, students know each other.

Our teachers, they are fantastic… really kind, and they care about their students! I guarantee you that you will not be able to find such fantastic teachers in other places but here. I’m really happy to be a student at this school, and to learn about God and to grow as a Christian with my amazing teachers and friends. And I would like you to join us. Let’s glorify our God together at The King’s School.


Current Grade 9 International Student



I love teaching at TKS; our students here have unique and distinct opportunities. Our small but vibrant classes enable an enriching and in-depth curriculum, and the beauty of our campus ‘in nature’ allows for a diverse, creative, and holistic education. As a K-12 school, our multi-grade incentives promote strong relationships and occasions for children to work together and serve in community. 

As teachers, it is our aim that each student feels valued and loved.  We are dedicated to providing a safe atmosphere for students to be curious, to push their academic goals to new heights, and to explore their gifts and abilities with boldness.

Most importantly, we desire that students love God’s truth and pursue a genuine faith in Jesus Christ that will equip them to influence their culture for God’s kingdom.”

MS statham

Current Senior Humanities Teacher



Our family has been at The King's School for the past 3 years.  We had been at a fundamental school, public school and had even tried home schooling to try to provide the right atmosphere to ensure that our 4 boys were getting the right education.  Education is so important for children in general as you are truly building learning, moral and spiritual foundations that will follow them all the days of their lives.  At The King's School, we love that the class sizes aren't so large that children fall through the cracks.  In the public school, we didn't find out until the report cards came that our son was failing in a number of subjects.  If homework is getting missed, we were happy that the teachers at The King's School reached out to us so we could address the problem before it was too late.  The teachers genuinely care about the students and are very approachable.

It is encouraging that The King's School places such importance on weekly memory verses to ensure that when faced with times of trouble, our boys can rely on the words of God to encourage, challenge and point out where they need to grow.

The property at The King's School has been such a blessing!  With 23 acres surrounded by farms and forest, our boys have enjoyed exploring and making forts.  My wife and I have also enjoyed many walks around the property and in the trails through the forest.  On a sunny afternoon after school, many families are found just enjoying being outside with the kids playing and the parents talking together.

We look forward to many more years of being part of The King's School family and encourage others to come experience this hidden treasure!

Eric and Carolyn

Current King’s School Parents



Coming from a large public school where I felt drowned out from solid teaching and basic interactions with my teachers, school was a struggle.  I had never enjoyed going to school, as I was often stressed in the mornings and at night, and it felt like I was not progressing in my education.  It was a drastic change moving schools [to TKS]. Class sizes are small, the kids are friendly, and on my first day at this school, I was instantly greeted by teachers here. I felt that this was my school.

Most importantly, all the subjects that are taught here are integrated with a biblical worldview as students learn to grow with Christ in what they learn.  God is not hidden here.

The teachers at The King’s School are excellent as well. They understand what they teach and understand how the students learn. Due to the smaller class sizes, teachers are willing to help students when they are in need, and they provide one on one time with all of us to deepen our understanding.


Current Grade 10 Student


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