Three Ways to Prepare your Child for Kindergarten

Do you have Kindergarten on your mind? 🤔


Here are three ways to prepare your child for Kindergarten:

✅ Read to your child every day. Research has proven this is one of the best ways to introduce your child to vocabulary and language structure that build a solid foundation for pre-reading skills. And more importantly, reading aloud creates a wonderful bond between you and your child. As you cuddle together over a few good books, it is a way of saying “You are important to me. I like being with you!” (Register with your local public library and join the program 1000 Stories before Kindergarten – it is an excellent resource.)

✅ Help your child learn to print his/her first name with a capital letter first then followed by lower-case letters. Paper and pencil practice is not the only way - try it on a magnetic board or small whiteboard, try it in wet sand at the beach or at home with sidewalk chalk. Creative play makes learning fun!

✅ Build confidence and independence in your child by ensuring they can do up zippers and buttons on jackets, pants, and backpacks, and toilet independently. Kindergarten teachers are always happy to help although children love to say “I can do it myself!” Most children wear school shoes and gym runners with velcro straps as learning to tie shoelaces can be challenging.

— Mrs. Ireland, Incoming Assistant Principal & Kindergarten Expert