Finishing Well || From the Desk of the Principal

“Last week I once again had the joy of watching our students, as well as other students, participate in our annual Track and Field event at McLeod Park in Langley. For some, such events are exhilarating and fun, however, for others it is more nerve-racking and anything but fun.

While I loved sports as a child, I most certainly did not enjoy Track and Field; speed, jumping and running were just not my thing. So I can relate to the nerves and the ‘anything but’ feeling.


In God’s Word, Paul uses the analogy of a race several times when describing the Christian life. We read phrases like ’run the race with endurance’, ‘press on to the upward calling’, and ‘straining toward what is ahead’. There is a sense that it may not be easy.

Now that June is just around the corner, many of us—students, staff and parents—are feeling the fatigue of the marathon of the school year.  While there is less than a month left of school, summer still feels like it is a lifetime away. How can we finish well?  It is simple, yet hard!

By putting ’one foot in front of the other’ and completing what is in our hand to do allows us to finish well, for we know that God’s grace is sufficient—it truly is! Then as John Piper says, ‘trust in the future grace of God’. Not worrying about tomorrow but knowing that God, who is only faithful, will be there for us, giving us exactly what we need.

Finishing the race means putting one foot in front of the other.  However, we can walk together, encouraging and cheering each other on—one step at a time. God's daily, present tense grace, is truly all sufficient!”

— Mrs. Thomas, Principal