Knowing, Showing and Enjoying God

Admissions Policy & Procedure


General Policy

  1. The King’s School, in partnership with the family, is dedicated to assisting young people in the development of Christian character, a Biblical worldview and academic excellence that will equip them for the works of service which God has prepared for them to accomplish. To achieve this goal, it is highly important for students and parents of students admitted to the school to already be living in harmony with and demonstrating support for the principles expressed in the documents Values, and Statement of Faith available by clicking on the links or through the school office. Once admitted, continued enrolment in the school is contingent on behavior that consistently reflects the values contained in these documents.

  2. Students will only be admitted when the school deems there are adequate resources available in the school to provide a suitable standard of support and education to the child.

  3. Students applying for admission who are resident outside of Canada and the United States will need to apply as International Students.

  4. It is the policy of The King’s School that children must be 5 years old before December 31st of the year of enrolment in order to qualify for entry into Kindergarten. Exceptions may be granted by the School Board in some cases by following the application procedure detailed in the school Early Entry Policy.

  5. Admissions priority will be as follows:

    1. Students of The King’s School who are re-enrolling (must apply by February 28th).

    2. Siblings of students already enrolled in the school (must apply by February 28th).

    3. New students of families from Christian churches with an endorsement letter from the pastor of their church.

    4. Other applicants

  6. If the parents of the student applying for admission are not permanent residents of BC, the school will not receive government funding for the student and the posted tuition fees will be adjusted to take into account the shortfall.


Admissions Procedure

  1. Carefully review the documents available on this website giving particular attention to Values, Statement of Objectives, and Statement of Faith. Families who do not have internet access may obtain copies from the school office.

  2. Obtain the school Application Form and forward the completed and signed application, copies of any previous academic transcripts, and a letter of recommendation from a pastor or minister to the school office. Application forms can be downloaded from the school website or obtained from the office.

  3. Once the materials in (2) are received by the school, arrange an appointment for an interview with the Principal. A School Board member may also be present for the interview as part of the normal procedure. The purpose of the interview is to provide further opportunity to familiarize the applicant family with the school, determine how the school can best serve the family, and explore the issues detailed above in the General Policy (1) with a view to confirming a good fit between the school and the family thus ensuring a successful placement for the student.

  4. Where the family or student commitment to the values referred to in General Policies (1) is unclear, or where a letter of recommendation is not available from a pastor or minister, the application will be referred to the School Board for a decision.

  5. The results of the application process will be communicated to the parents by the Principal as soon as possible.

  6. Upon acceptance, a non-refundable deposit of the greater of one month’s tuition or $250.00 is due and payable to complete the enrolment process and secure a seat for the student. This deposit will be applied as a payment towards the first month’s tuition.