The King's School

Why Christian Education?

For the love of your Child

This 6 minute video describes the importance of Christian Education



Our vision for THE KING’S School

A 45-minute audio outlining the distinctive vision on the school



The lie of neutrality

A series of 2 brief blogs showing that it really makes a difference how things are taught.


It takes a village

A brief blog on why a Christian school rather than public school or homeschool


Curriculum starting with the Bible

A 60-minute audio on why the Bible affects every aspect of our curriculum


This audio summarizes the material in a book on the subject of a biblical view of curriculum:

“What do you learn at school?”


Teaching with authority

A series of 2 brief blogs on why Christian teachers are important


Abraham and Lot: Raising kids in the city or in the desert?

A series of 4 audio messages on whether to raise kids in the world or in Christian community


For more blogs on various aspects of Christian Education, go to and search for all the “Christian Education” tags.