The King's School

School Trips

THE KING’S School offers regular opportunities for students to be exposed to the needs of the world beyond the security of their immediate environment. High School students have the option to be part of the Outreach Team which serves in our local community throughout the school year.

We also plan trips further afield: every other year we plan a Missions Trip – over the years teams have served in Estonia, Slovakia, India, Uganda, Mexico, Argentina and, most recently, Tanzania. The alternate year our high school students participate in a choir tour allowing our them the opportunity to share the gospel through music with other schools, seniors homes and a variety of other venues.

Our desire is that each student would become an effective witness for the gospel wherever God places them in later life. These trips are an opportunity for the students to grow in their witness through presenting the gospel in word and deed in a variety of contexts beyond the normal opportunities of the Outreach class.

For many of our students these trips are life-changing as their eyes are opened to a world of opportunities!