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International Students

THE KING’S School will be pleased to receive applications for admission of students from families who do not reside in Canada. In making this opportunity available, we stress that our desire is for such students to be fully integrated into the Canadian education system and culture, and that all applicants need to be aware that we are offering a distinctly Christian education.

Our International Students program is supervised by our International Student Coordinators, Mr Jon Kim – Korean and Ms Cathy Li – Chinese. Please forward all International Student Application Forms and other documentation directly to THE KING’S School. If you wish to contact the school, Mr. Kim or Ms Li directly for any enquiries, please use the following contact information:

Phone: 604.888.0969 (school office: English language only)

Mr Jon Kim
Korean International Student Coordinator
(English and Korean language)
Home/Fax: 604.607.0116

Ms Cathy Li
Chinese International Student Coordinator
(English and Chinese language)
Home: 604-530-8277 Cell: 778-859-6085

For those who would like to apply to enrol students in The King’s School, a full application form, complete with an outline of procedures and policies, is available here for download. This can be filled out and mailed to the school.

TKS International Student Application Form