The King's School

School Life

We don’t just add a few Christian components to the timetable. The whole life of the school centres on God’s glory. The daily patterns are structured to that end.

The school day begins at 8.20 am. Mondays start with our weekly full-school assemblies and every other day begins with a devotional time in class. This sets the context for the whole of the day, so that whether in a Socials or a P.E. class, students and teachers express their devotion to God in their thinking and their behaviour.

The school day concludes at 3.00pm, ending with a time of Bible reading. But the spiritual dimension is not simply the book-ends of the day; God’s Word is at the heart of all we do. The students learn in an integrated manner, in terms of both applying what is learned from one subject to another, and also developing a biblical world view that shapes the students’ attitudes to their whole school life.

We value the opportunity to have students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 all enjoying life as part of an integrated community. Among the many reasons why we have adopted a Uniform Policy, one is the desire to create a sense of community identity. Students young and old alike share in this sense of family. Whether in lunch-time group activities or a buddy system (in which older students are paired up with children in lower grades) we make every effort to foster a community spirit.

The same is true in our relationships with parents and staff. Parents are welcome in the school at all times (many opportunities for voluntary service exist); and regular Parents meetings are held. We seek to engage in frequent communication with weekly parents’ letters, regular report cards and parent / teacher interviews. We strive to create a genuine sense of community and a number of social activities, work parties and a regular ‘Principal & Parent prayer meeting’ are among the ways in which we do this.

One of the advantages of a smaller school is the opportunity for community as all the students know one another, and parents and teachers are all well acquainted. At each of the government inspections we have had, the inspection team has always commended us, among other strengths, on a remarkable sense of community in the school.