The King's School

Mission Statement and Objectives

ObjectivesMission Statement:   The King’s School, in partnership with the family, is dedicated to assisting young people in…

•    the development of Christian character
•    a Biblical worldview
•    and academic excellence

that will equip them for the works of service which God has prepared for them to accomplish.

The King’s School pursues this Mission as a ministry of The King’s Christian School Society, staffed by personnel selected and approved by the Society’s Board of Directors. The school staff provide comprehensive education through internationally tested and proven curriculum, both Christian and secular. The instructional program includes not only the academic subjects necessary for high school graduation, but also the moral and spiritual training necessary to enable the student to develop into a mature, responsible Christian citizen.

Among the objectives established by the Board to guide the School in its Mission are the following:

1. To provide an atmosphere conducive to moral and Scriptural fidelity and the pursuit of Godly wisdom, discerning truth from error.

2. To help each child learn and live to honour the Lord by meeting daily responsibilities with which God has entrusted him or her.

3. To aid each child to discover the Lord’s purpose for life and to provide the necessary preparation for eternity through the implementation of Biblical principles in each individual life.

4. To promote self-discipline and stewardship through training in consistency, appreciation, responsibility, and thoroughness.

5. To teach the skills of independent study and how to think, i.e., how to analyze and how to approach a problem, not just the assimilation of facts.

6. To foster individual initiative and self-motivation through the implementation of student goals, controls, and rewards.

7. To develop and instill an appreciation and respect for government and church, for officials in Municipal, Provincial and Federal spheres of authority, and for God-ordained law and order.

8. To teach each child how to assess the credibility of information without which the information is relatively meaningless.