The King's School


The Ark

The Ark is one of the original buildings.

The school began with 85 students, and initially the curriculum was based on the ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) system, a self-taught, self-paced Christian program, supplemented with additional courses in practical areas. The school was located on its current site, then known as “Springcrest”, which, in those days, was also home to a Christian Retreat Centre and The King’s Bible College.

In 1985, the school began to make changes in the curriculum, starting a gradual shift away from the ACE program. As well as broadening the scope of academic studies, the school also benefited from the creation of a playing field, cleared and established by volunteer help from the churches. By June 1987, the school’s graduates were prepared to write Provincial Exams for the first time. The transition to a full Provincial Curriculum throughout the school was complete by October 1989, when a successful government inspection confirmed our accreditation and funding as an Independent School.

By this time, the school had opened its doors to families outside the church congregations that had founded the school, and also began to attract new staff who reflected this wider community. For a while, the school was operated as a ministry of THE KING’S Community Church which now owned the property. The church built a gym where the church could meet, while at the same time making greatly improved facilities available for the school as well. This new building was opened in 1998.

In 2003, the church released the administration of the school to a new non-profit, charitable Society, The King’s Christian School Society. Since that time, KCSS has operated as an independent Christian School and registered charity, having acquired The King’s School’s assets and operations from the church. While this represented a significant change in government, there was to be no change in the direction of the school. The choice of founding members of the new Society and its written constitution ensured a commitment in perpetuity to the philosophy of education for which the school had been founded.

We are grateful that in this new legal structure, with a new governing body, and with a broader constituency of staff and students, our current Principal, Mrs Patti Thomas has been able to maintain the single-minded vision that had become increasingly precious to a local body of believers who had invested in that vision for many years. Mrs Thomas has brought a significant level of educational professionalism to the task, and her leadership has been geared toward fostering that common vision among a new generation of staff, students and parents drawn from the wider Christian community.

“Thus far the Lord has helped us” (1 Sam 7:12). His faithfulness to the school in the past reassures us that our confidence in his continuing blessing upon the community of THE KING’S School (staff, parents and students) in the future is not misplaced. This brief record of God’s faithfulness does not allow room for the countless miracles of his provision over the years, nor testimonies of many graduates now serving Him effectively in numerous ways. It seems that He has been pleased to own the school that is dedicated to his name – THE KING’S School.


The main teaching and administration block